The Right Words Ignite, Incite & Inspire

I help speakers use the power of storytelling to captivate, inspire and delight audiences. 

It's the ultimate paradox:

We're awash in information, yet it's harder than ever to make sense of anything.

It's easy to fool yourself into thinking that more means better. That an abundance of facts and figures will help customers make better, more informed choices.

But, it turns out, the opposite is true. The more information we have, the harder it is for us to make decisions.

It can feel sometimes like you're drinking from a firehose.

So what does that mean for your business? Your ideas? Your message?

It means that without clear, compelling stories to give that flood of data context and meaning, you can't persuade anyone to do anything.

Information alone is not enough to move people to take action.

Data is not enough to inspire customers to buy your products, sign up for your services, donate to your causes, register for your programs, vote for your ideas or do any of the myriad of things you want them to do.


Unless you bring a beating heart to your message, your message is dead.

And so are your sales.

Let me show you how to craft stories that ignite passion, incite action and inspire change.

What They're Saying:

Laura Belgray

She’s an extraordinarily generous person, and loves to pump people up. It’s a gift, and she should get paid a ton for it.

Laura Belgray Talking Shrimp
Mike Ganino

I was looking for a way to distill my message, personality, and brand into copy –and I knew Brenda was the one to help me. She’s like a tuning fork for your message.

Mike Ganino Speaker + Author

Walt Hampton Walt Hampton, Author-Speaker-Coach

Brenda is an acclaimed journalist, a powerfully insightful writer, and an amazing speaker. Her keynote knocked my socks off!

Christine Auman Khetarpal Christine Auman Khetarpal, Speaker

An ABSOLUTELY HUGE SHOUT OUT to Brenda and her unbelievable talent to help me start moving from the written page to the performing stage! So, so grateful.

Tiffany McElroy

Brenda sees the beauty in everyone’s story/speech. She helped me get clear on my message & find the words I was looking for.

Tiffany McElroy Speaker & Television New Anchor, KRON4
Stephanie Knarr, Ph.D

“Brenda…really got me thinking about how I can write my stories more authentically. I really think using some of her techniques can help me with my marketing.”

Stephanie Knarr, Ph.D Speaker + Therapist
Buck Adams

I was stuck on several occasions where I was completely unable to move forward in my keynote address.

Brenda has a unique ability. In only a few minutes she was able to break the log jam that I had been pounding against for days and weeks and get me back on track.

Buck Adams Speaker + Body Language Expert