Find The Perfect Topic For Your Next (or First) Presentation

You’re the kind of person who stands out in social situations. You’re smart, outgoing and confident – no one's ever accused you of being a wallflower. When it comes to speaking in public, you’re really good at “winging it.” And that’s the problem.


In your professional life, when it comes time to deliver an important presentation, there’s only so much improvising you can do. Throwing a few notes together just before a presentation and ad-libbing your way through is making you feel like a total amateur. You realize: “Winging it” just won’t cut it anymore.


Your approach so far has gotten you noticed by the right people, and even landed you a gig to speak in fron of an important group. Now, you have to deliver a presentation that has the potential to skyrocket your career and position you as a real expert in your field. If you don’t nail it, opportunity might not knock again.


But organizing your thoughts is a real challenge. Your head is buzzing with ideas and possibilities, and you can’t seem to settle on any one topic. A little voice inside you screams, “I don’t even know where to begin!” You’re starting to panic.You feel anxious and afraid that your message will turn out to be one big rambling mess.


Instead of feeling confident and on top of the world, you feel nervous and unsure. You definitely don’t want to blow it.


What if, instead…


You could knock it out of the park?


You walked into the room feeling poised and ready to deliver a high-stakes talk or presentation because you know exactly what you’re going to talk about?


You feel calm and self-assured knowing that your message is exactly what your audience wants, and needs, to hear?


You get rave reviews and you’re asked to speak again...and again and again?


Friend, that’s not some far-off fantasy that only happens to special people. It happens to people who are prepared. And it can happen to you.


Right now, you may be feeling a little nervous about the opportunity in front of you. Or maybe even a little sick to your stomach. Your normally-gregarious and bubbly self seems to have gone into hiding.


You might be feeling like you don’t have anything important to say.


Or you may be pulling out your hair trying to figure out how to cram 20 years of information into a 20-minute talk. And you’re wondering: How on Earth am I going to do that?!?


Or you’re afraid you’ll wind up talking in circles or launch into a long-winded explanation just to get to the point. (After all, isn’t that what your spouse and friends tease you about all the time?)


Don’t worry. Once you have a topic picked out, a clear focus and your key points well-defined, your worries will go away — because now you actually have a point.


You can sleep at night knowing you’re prepared. And you’ll feel just as smart and confident in front of that group of influencers as you do working a room.

Hi! I'm Brenda Barbosa

And I can help you do just that!

I help smart, creative professionals get clear on their message and organize their ideas so they can deliver a powerful talk or presentation that showcases their expertise and builds their authority.

As an award-winning journalist and writer with a career spanning nearly two decades, I know a thing or two about crafting killer stories that get people to stop and pay attention.

Together, we will zero in on the ONE big idea that will set you apart in your industry, establish your leadership and open the doors to bigger, more exciting opportunities.


After a “Find The Perfect Topic For Your Next (or First) Presentation” master session, you’ll be able to move from stuck (OMG what am I going to talk about for 20- 30- 60-minutes?) to stardom (No sweat, I got this in the bag!)



  • Stop stressing out because you have finally zeroed-in on the perfect topic that you know your audience is going to LOOOVE and rave about


  • Find that your words will land with more energy because you’re not repeating yourself or scrambling for something to say


  • Be free to be spontaneous because now you have a structure in place. (Hint: Structure allows you to be more of yourself!)


  • Identify the key points you want to make so you don’t forget anything important, and your audience walks away with something they can really sink their teeth into


Your “Find The Perfect Topic For Your Next (or First) Presentation” includes:


The BackStage Questionnaire

This assessment gets you thinking about your upcoming talk in a way that’s fun and exciting  – not scary or nerve-wracking. You’ll describe your area of expertise, who you’ll be speaking in front of, when you’re scheduled to speak and what you hope to accomplish with your talk. This step will help you hit the ground running so we can make the most of our time together.


A ‘Curtains Up’ Video Session

In this 60-minute session, we do a deep-dive to uncover where your knowledge and experience intersect with your audience’s needs. Together, we’ll come up with topic ideas that are relevant, interesting and have the most impact with your audience. At the end of the session, you will walk away with a maximum of 3 topics that you can begin to flesh out.


‘Take Two’ Recording

24 hours after our appointment, you’ll receive a video recording of our session that you can listen to again and again at your convenience. You’ll also get a link to the Google Doc we worked on that will include the notes taken during our session which you can refer back to whenever you want, in case you missed something on the live call. You’ll have access to everything you need to start crafting your talk.


The Encore

Lastly, you’ll get a link to my calendar to schedule a 15-minute follow-up call to go over any questions you may have. (Or run any last-minute ideas past me.) You’re going to to walk away feeling clear, confident and sure that you can craft a killer talk that is going to make you look like the leader you are!


Just think: you can wow your audience, impress the big wigs and position yourself as a real pro in your field all by choosing the perfect topic for your presentation.



Investment: $199

That’s it! Easy peasy 🙂


Still have questions? Shoot me an email. I’m happy to help!

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    You'll receive a follow-up email with instructions and login information for the online platform I use to meet with clients. (I use a tool called Zoom, which gives us the opportunity to work on your content together as well as record the session.)


Ann Dolin

I’m a MUCH better presenter now. In fact, I recently spoke to an audience of 500. The feedback I received was astounding and the impact it had on my business was significant. It boosted sales for over a month.

Not only am I a better presenter, but I understand how to write to convey emotion. Before Brenda, my work was more like a term paper a college student could have written!

Ann Dolin Educational Connections Inc.
Chuck Adams

I was stuck on several occasions where I was completely unable to move forward in my keynote address.

Brenda has a unique ability. In only a few minutes she was able to break the log jam that I had been pounding against for days and weeks and get me back on track.

Chuck Adams Speaker + Body Language Expert

Shawn Michael

She is a whiz at writing and really made my copy zing.

Shawn Michael
Bushra Azhar

Brenda Barbosa is a rockstar!

Bushra Azhar

Lisa Jacobs

Thank You Brenda, yesterday’s call was great!

You gave me tons of excellent information that I can use to expand my business. You’re knowledgeable, easy to talk to and inspiring. I hope anyone who is thinking of using your services does so, as I’m sure it will be a positive experience for you both.

Lisa Jacobs

Elizabeth Stomp

I walked away feeling grateful and proud that I have such beautiful and honest copy. You over-delivered, and I loved that, because I felt you cared for my brand. Please, don’t change!!!

Elizabeth Stomp