I believe...

Clear, Honest and Bold Communication is Magic

 In life and business.

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Let's face it:

Nobody likes wishy-washy language. Especially in your writing.

You know what I'm talking about: Those mushy, generic words that are all mashed together like soggy Corn Flakes at the bottom of a bowl. There's nothing mouth-watering or memorable about them.

You want words that make people come alive that land with emotion, clarity and verve.

You want words that tell meaningful and memorable stories.

Stories that communicate what you stand for, what makes your business different and why people should care.


As a business owner, the stories you tell can mean the difference between loads of loyal, paying clients and...


... tumbleweeds blowing through the Mojave.


The right words reflect not just who you are and what you offer, but why people should give a damn.

And why they should do business with you. The right words move people to (happily) give you their time and money over and over again.

Hey there!

My name is Brenda Barbosa

I help speakers, business owners and creative entrepreneurs craft unforgettable speeches that turn lookers into buyers and buyers into loyal fans — in less time and with less aggravation.

Too often, I see smart, passionate business owners get tongued-tied about what they do, who they serve and what they offer. They confuse clear and professional with stiff and "jargon-y." Their words look and feel like Melba toast – dry, boring and uninspiring. No bueno!

Let me help you craft a compelling copy that oozes personality and amps up your “know, like and trust” advantage.

Because the truth is...

People Do Business With People They Like

If you’re anything like me, you started your business because you want to do inspiring work that's both lucrative and meaningful. You want the freedom to work with people who light you up, and make a difference in the world. You love what you do so much, you want to shout it from the rooftops. But it’s hard to find the right words, and harder still to articulate them.


I get it. I've been there too.

I grew up in a New Jersey suburb where, for the first seven years of my life, I spoke only Spanish. There weren’t many people beyond my immediate family I could communicate with. And it wasn’t until the first grade I could form words my friends actually understood.

I remember as a kid sitting with my father reading stories to him from the local newspaper. My father spoke no English. So at the age of 8, I became his translator.

Years later, I graduated with a degree in journalism from Rutgers University and landed a job writing for the very same newspaper I spent hours reading to my father.

It was one of my proudest moments.

I broke stories, won awards and met tons of people. Years later, I transferred to corporate America where I used my communication skills to drive hundreds of thousands in revenue for multi-national companies.

Dad and I at the Jersey shore

In many ways, learning to write clear, powerful and persuasive copy is like learning a new language – you get better with practice.

I didn’t grow up speaking English. But when I mastered the language, I felt I’d been handed the keys to the kingdom. When you can communicate clearly and effectively, the whole world opens up.

Let me help you get the words that are in your head and in your heart out into the world with less hassle, more confidence – and better, more profitable results.


The Official Third-Person Smartypants Bio:

Brenda Barbosa uses the timeless art of storytelling to help speakers, consultants, business owners and online entrepreneurs find and craft unforgettable copy that turns lookers into buyers and buyers into loyal fans – in less time and with less frustration.

She is the founder and CEO of BrendaBarbosa.com, an online source for persuasive copy, compelling narrative and clear, concise messaging.

As an award-winning writer and journalist with a career spanning nearly two decades, Brenda knows a thing or two about weaving words together in ways that are interesting, informative, relevant and real.

Known as the Storytelling Slickster™ in some parts, Brenda will do almost anything for a good story. She's interviewed drug dealers in cemeteries and jumped out of an airplane to document an 80-year-old's lifelong dream of skydiving – all that despite a crippling fear of heights and dead people.